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How to Work and Study in Ireland

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How It Works

Here are 3 steps of the booking process in a nutshell. Booking with Top Study is as easy as it looks. If you still feel confused you can check our FAQ section and if you have further questions we are always here to help you.


Let’s Choose Your Destination, Course and Accommodation Together :)

After exploring our various destinations, courses and accommodation options, you can contact us by filling our get-in-touch form. No worries, we are here to help you if you get lost in such various options.

how it works

Send Us Your Reservation Payment and the Documents and We Are Good to Apply for Your Visa.

After you send us the necessary documents (Terms & Conditions and Student Contract) and your reservation payment, we inform our school of your booking. 90 days before your arrival, we start the visa process together. Yes, we are with you at every step.

how it works

After the Full Payment, Get Ready to Pack and FLY!

After your visa is ready and the full payment is paid, buy your flight ticket while we inform our school to prepare the red carpet for you. Also, you can learn about your destination, course and accommodation before you leave with the fact files that were prepared elaborately.

how it works

Our Brands

We partner with the best brands in the world to offer you the best education.

Kaplan International Language Schools

Kaplan International Language Schools

St. Giles International Language School

St. Giles International Language School

ILAC English School

ILAC English School

LILA English School

LILA English School

IELS Malta English School

IELS Malta English School

LAL Cape Town Language Center

LAL Cape Town Language Center

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We care

While doing what we do best, we always put the customer first with our people-oriented approach.

We listen

We listen before we speak. Unlike most consultancy services, our focus is only you and your needs, no fluff.

We match

We don’t just randomly place you at courses or accommodation options, instead we offer you the perfect match for your profile.

We know

With our expertise in the language travel market for over a decade, we are confident that we can offer you the best service possible.

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Engin Özdemir invites you to learn English abroad with Topstudy.


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