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Interested in studying in St. Giles International Language School?

Interested in studying in St. Giles International Language School?

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St. Giles International Language School

About the brand - St. Giles International Language School

To be considered one of the best English schools around the world, St.Giles English Language School was established by Paul Lindsay and his wife Diana in 1955 in north London, UK.

Lindsay had a dream to be an English Teacher; He’d started his dream by saving £100 to rent a small room in the back street of Soho, London and launched his English school. After 6 years, St. Giles English School became an international organization in the UK and Canada. And now St. Giles is celebrating its 67th anniversary.

St. Giles was honoured by Queen Elizabeth II in 2015. Mark Lindsay (Managing Director of St. Giles), visited Buckingham Palace to receive the award -from Queen Elizabeth II herself- which is regarded as one of the most prestigious business awards in the UK.

St. Giles schools offer various English course options and a wide choice of accommodation options for all needs. Also with transfers service from the airport to school, class materials and several social activities.

With their friendly staff, St. Giles English School offers special support and welfare for all their students, which help and care about them from the moment they arrive to the day they return to their home. Also, by providing academic counselling, you can build up your educational plans and future career. 

As a global brand, St. Giles cares about the world as all St. Giles centres in the UK and Canada are committed to saving money for charitable activities. Since 2013 all students optionally have been asked if they wish to donate £1 or $1 when they make a booking of any course at St. Giles, which has been delivered to benefit foundations.

We are ready to help you on this journey. Are you ready for a life-changing experience with St. Giles?

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