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Interested in studying in IELS Malta English School?

Interested in studying in IELS Malta English School?

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IELS Malta English School

About the brand - IELS Malta English School

IELS International English Language School is the best school in Malta with its 35 years of academic experience, superior education quality and of course with its qualified teachers with CELTA/TEFL Certificates.

IELS Malta is a fully accredited school by many important international foundations and they have special course packages for all ages and needs. These programmes include General English, Intensive English, Business English, and Exam preparation courses.

With its spacious modern building, IELS Malta is located in Sliema which is a lively and popular commercial town. The school, which has fully equipped classrooms; is near shops, restaurants, bars and leisure places. So if you have just finished your college semester or if you are looking for an amazing vacation and aiming to improve your English, IELS Malta will be the best choice for you.

IELS Vacation English Plus programme helps learners to speak as much as possible by focusing on communication skills mainly.

IELS has a Leisure Department to make your learning experience in Malta even more enjoyable. With a full activity schedule, they put together fun activities and excursions for students to explore and enjoy Malta such as treasure hunts, sports games, arts and crafts and fun-filled afternoon and evening activities.

There are diving courses that IELS Malta offers including ‘try dives’ for those who are new, and ‘deep sea’ or ‘open water’ dives for those who are well acquainted with scuba diving.

Don’t miss your chance to have this experience and explore this fantastic island and book the adventure of your lifetime with us.

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