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About the Country

The Republic of South Africa is located at the southern tip of the African continent. There is the Atlantic Ocean in the southwest of the country and the Indian Ocean in the southeast. English is one of the main languages and is widely spoken in the country. Cape Town is the largest city.

Since South Africa is located in the southern hemisphere, the opposite of the climates experienced in the Northern Hemisphere is experienced. In other words, while it is winter in the northern hemisphere, it is summer in South Africa. It does not fall below 10 degrees in winter, it does not exceed 30 degrees in summer. It is very mild and there are no big temperature differences between seasons.

It has lands that are very rich in terms of natural beauty and wildlife. You can either visit penguins or see leopards or lions on safari tours. The country, which has dozens of national nature parks, is a great place to visit.

Since the country has a colonial past, it is an area where various societies live together. Therefore there are many colorful neighborhoods, streets full of graffiti, and 17-18 century buildings. Cape Town is known for being a colorful city. Colorful cabins on the beaches, black, white, yellow, red, and blue colors, are used extensively which are also included in the flags on the streets.

In the northeast of the country, there is a special region called the wine lands. This region is the country's wine production center. Hundreds of vineyards where unique wines are produced are located here. It is an incredible spot for wine tasting.

Cape of Hope is the southernmost tip of the country. The name of the region whose first name was Storms Cape was changed by the king of Portugal in order not to upset the morale of the sailors. Since there is a dense whale life in this area, you can go on whale-watching tours and watch the largest mammal in the ocean with your own eyes.

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