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Auckland / New Zealand

If you want to go to New Zeland's most crowded city Auckland, you should spend your whole day and night in the sky when you arrive at Auckland Airport, you can go to the city center in 1 hour by bus.

Auckland is at New Zeland's North island and always be at the top of the World's most livable cities list. In this south hemisphere's beautiful city Auckland, you can reach to the places you must see by so many different transportation alternatives like busses to bicycles, also trails and ferries. With its more than 200 hundred years history, The Auckland Domain Park that hosts thousands of plant species, artificial lake, and sculptures, also interests tourists so much. In the park at Auckland Museum, you can examine many interesting works and documents about like life of Pacific People and about the countries war history.

You can watch the city bird's eye view from Southhempshire's highest building Sky Tower. Also, extreme lovers can make Sky Walk and Sky Jumping on the 192.nd floor of the building which will be an unforgettable experience for them. You can watch the stars and the planets at Stardome observatory also at Auckland Art Museum, you can see Maori culture's works. You should also add The Auckland Botanical Park, Undersea World and the Auckland Zoo where the animals live in their natural habitats, to your visit guide. At the country's Financial and cultural center Auckland's famous Queen Street, you can find so many popular brands shops and local food serving restaurants. It is possible for you to find suitable accommodation alternatives for all budget and taste.

Auckland is a coastal city and popularly known as the ‘City of Sails'. Auckland is a dream destination and one of the 'most liveable city' with a temperate climate and lower cost of living, make it an attractive option. Auckland has lots of things to do bungee jumps, skydiving, kayaking and plenty of tours as well as boasting some of New Zealand's best restaurants. There is something for every budget.

Top Tips

The Best City for Living

Auckland, where is shown as between the worlds most liveable countries, has taken 3.rd position in Mercer Quality of Life Indeks and it is one of the most urbanized city of New Zeland. Almost every family has a boat.

Culture, Tranding and Art Center: Queen Street

The biggest and the mostly known street of Auckland, The Queen Street, with its multicultural cuisine and different sense of art, attract attractions. There are tranding centers which sells luxurious brands, cafes, bars and restaurants in the street. Also you can see so many Chinese, Korean, Taiwan, Japan and Hindu people at Queen Street.

Watch The City with Sky Tower

328 meters long an exciting building Sky Tower can be seen from everywhere of the city also it is known as the highest building on South Hemisphere of New Zeland's. You can watch the wiew of Auckland from here night and day.

The World's Most İce Cream Consumer City

In Auckland, Kiwi people consumes 23 liter icecream per person and they spent 1$ for icecream from their 44$ food budget. You can eat every kind of ice cream At Auckland, where consumes ice cream more than Australia and USA.

Auckland Zoo

New Zeland's biggest zoo the Auckland Zoo is one of the mostly known and unique zoos of the world. There is totally 179 species and more than 1300 animals in Auckland Zoo.


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