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Interested in studying in Dublin?

Interested in studying in Dublin?

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About The City

The capital city of Ireland, Dublin is one of the most livable cities in the world with its international workforce, global corporate entities, growing, and stable economy, and most importantly warm and welcoming people.

Did you know that Dublin has a long history filled with Norse people, Vikings, and the Celts? This city with its magnificent history having started around 1200 years ago, has always been regarded as a great destination to live and visit throughout history, regularly getting into the lists of cities that have the highest quality of living.

Dublin’s architecture is one of a kind, covering modern buildings and medieval constructions. As you might guess, because of the facts mentioned above, the city had constantly been captured or attacked by many tribes and rulers which resulted in the collapse of many historical buildings. However, the city still gives a strong vibe of a medieval town. If you’re a history and architecture nerd, Dublin will definitely make you satisfied!

As a modern city, Dublin is small but full of opportunities. The city center is compact enough that you can have a tour within an hour of walking! Everywhere you go is close to the other places you want to visit, making Dublin a great destination to explore and easy to adjust to! In addition, Dublin has been attracting people internationally, especially for career opportunities. Many big internationally known companies such as Google have headquarters in Dublin, being a factor in the population getting more diverse with the newcomers.

On the other hand, Irish people are known for their hospitality and friendliness. We know that it might be intimidating to go to a place where you are completely a stranger. However, with the hospitality of Irish folks, adapting to this new culture and country will definitely get easier for you! In this relatively small but vibrant city where there are many pubs, restaurants, exhibitions, and concerts to go to, you can socialize easily with others and have lifelong friendships established while living unforgettable moments!

Are you ready to start your experience in this relatively small but vibrant and friendly city after what you’ve just read?