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About the Country

The Republic of Ireland is a country that is part of the European Union and uses the euro as its currency. The official language of Ireland is English. West side of the country is the Atlantic Ocean, and east side is the United Kingdom. Only the United Kingdom has a land border with its northern Ireland region. Ireland, generally consists of flat plains and forest areas. Its largest city and capital, Dublin.

Irish people are known for being kind and hospitable. With its colorful festivals and historical buildings, Ireland is one of the must-see places.

Although the economy of the country is dependent on industry and agriculture, it is among the 10 most prosperous countries in the world. In addition to this, students who come to language education from abroad have an important place in cities. it attracts more attention from students who want to receive language education every year, by giving them work permits to incoming students. the European headquarters of many world-famous brands are located here. The main ones are Google, Facebook, Apple, and Twitter. There are tourists who visit even just to see the areas build by these big companies.

The island country has a temperate climate. While it is around 20 degrees in summer, it does not fall below 5 degrees in winter. There are many ports and beaches in Ireland. Most of these ports and beaches are open to the public. Do not miss the experience of swimming in the Atlantic ocean when you visit here.

Animal products are widely used in Irish cuisine. Do not forget to visit the restaurants of Locals, who have their own unique food culture, and taste the local dishes.

In terms of its culture, people, and the opportunities it provides, Ireland is one of the countries that should definitely be seen and experienced by students receiving language education.

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