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Vancouver / Canada

You can reach the Vancouver that has the most temperate weather in Canada, almost in a 14 hours flight from more than 50 countries around the world. after your arriving, you can go to the city center in half an hour by bus from Vancouver International Airport.

You can enjoy the different shopping alternatives like textile, fruits, and vegetables at Granville Island Area.The cosmopolitan style of Vancouver reflects all the attitudes of the city. For example; you can taste Chinese, Indian and Italian cuisines in Gastown area which bearings the old cities trace. You cant forget the tastes of the desserts, biscuits, and pancakes made with Canadian special Agave Syrup. When you look at Vancouver Blockhouse that gives you 360 square view, you will be amazed by this city's oceanside also by its landscape at night.

If you want to make an outdoor activity like watching the Pacific Ocean, hearth breathing Vancouver landscape and Gulf islands, skiing, and nature walking, you can go to the top of the Grouse mount by lifts in every 15 minutes. Vancouver is full of natural wonder national parks on all sides you can make wonderful walkings between with nature at Capilano drawbridge park.

You can go to museums and galleries in Vancouver like British Colombia University Archeological Museum, HR Macmillan Space Museum and you can go to a festival provided by developed movie industry. Vancouver is awarded as the most trustful and living city by United Nations and there are only 40 kilometers between USA and Vancouver.

Vancouver is known as a "City of Booming Economy and Natural Beauty". Vancouver has an endless, diverse and even overwhelming list of attractions and things to see and do. Theatre, sport, music, art, indoor and outdoor activities, Vancouver has it all!. If you are a fan of seafood, Vancouver is a way. While in Vancouver you are in Canada's biggest fishing port, you can always feast on a fresh food. invite anyone who has never visited experience the accredited best place to live- Vancouver.

Top Tips

Greet City from Sky

In Vancouver that lays down like a peninsula to Pacific Ocean, it is possible to see every tones of green. If you arrive Vancouver by plane in the morning, you can be witness to a unique wiew with upright and parallel mountains, large and small lakes and curled rivers.

Snowy Weather? What is It?

Vancouvers climate is more tempere than common Canadian climate. More than snowy days, it snows only two weeks in a year and this snow stays on the ground for days but this doesn't affect life negatively. On the other hand rain is just opposite it almost never leaves this beautiful city.

This sentence you see up maybe can be a sentence you will need to use minimum in Vancouver. Taxi prices can really increase your travel budget in this expensive city. From the time you arrive to the airport, you can easily use the developed transportation system of the city.

Which World Cuisine Do You Wan to Try at Night?

The Cosmopolit structure of the city reflects also their food culture. It is possible for you to find so many restaurants in city center where you can try Italian, Chinese, Hindu and Middle East cuisines's delicious tastes.

Living In a Postcard

When you move a little bit away from the center in Vancouver, naturel beauty parks and century long trees will amazes you. Especially if you are tend to outdoor sports, innumerable opportunities are waiting for you.


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