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Toronto / Canada

You can arrive Canada's biggest city Toronto with approximately 12 hours flights according to your location from different destinations around the world and you can go to the city center from Toronto Pearson International Airport in almost 45 minutes by using developed transport system.

Compare with total Canada, Toronto has more temperate climate so you can live here all the four seasons. You can take relaxing walking in Toronto's islands and parks or along at the lakeside. Seeing worlds highest fall Niagara will be an amazing experiment for you. Toronto, where is always at the top in worlds most livable cities list, has a population consists more than and a half of immigrants. You can feel this colorful combinations soul in everywhere like in the nightlife, in the restaurant's menus etc...

You can watch Toronto's unique view from 553 meters long CN Towers roof also you can live a shopping experiment at the second hand and antique shops in Queen Streer West area. In Toronto where provides good chances especially for winter sports lovers, you can see a competitive Ice Hockey or Baseball match. Toronto is a quite developed city as cultural also a hometown of so many museums, theaters, cinemas, and galleries.

Toronto has a collection of museums, historical homes, and art galleries that are worth visiting. It's hard to imagine a better city to explore. Some of Toronto's popular neighborhoods include Royal Ontario Museum, Hockey Hall of Fame and Museum Queen Street West, Chinatown, Kensington Market, Toronto Islands, Dundas Square, Greek Town, Little Italy, Koreatown, and much more. In Toronto, you will get all four seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. Toronto is the home of Canada's most prestigious schools.

Top Tips

Earthling City

No need to be surprised that Toronto's being in one of the worlds most liveable cities because of its population consists more than half from immigrants, developed transportation system, substructure and environmental planning.

In Dictionary response to Toronto: Value, Respect and Confidence

Toronto is one of the most liveable and human caring city of not only the countries but also all the continents. All the people are so respectful and there is almost zero crime rate.

Watching the City From Under One Level of the Clouds

In the city center from CN Towers 370 meters long glass floor you can watch the city with bated breath or you can drink you wine at 360 square restaurant towards city panorama.

Don't We Increase Our Budget a Little Bit More in Toronto

Like all Toronto people accept, cost of living in Toronto is a little bit high. In this multicultural city where test the pulse of finance and economy, it is possible for you to spend more for your daily needs.

Canadian Insomnia

When we ask which city is Canada's not sleeping city, there is no doubt that Toronto comes to mind firstly. In Toronto tempo never goes down, where can even take on with New York about colorful and joyous night life.


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