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Montreal / Canada

You can reach to Montreal the second biggest city of Canada with direct flights from more than 200 countries in approximately 10 hours flight according to your location and you can go to the city center in 40 minutes from Montreal-Pierre Elliot Trudeau International Airport.

Montreal is known for talking French mostly in the world after Paris, and also known for hosting cultural activities and festivals. In Montreal, the weather in winter is so cold but in summer because of the continental climate it is so hot.

You can spend good times in the Old Montreal region where you will see architecturally beautiful houses, churches and all day long crowded cafes and restaurants.In Montreal along with developed transportation system, a preferable transportation system is a bicycle. As being a tourist you can hire a bicycle from the municipality by paying 5 CAD.

The Mont-Royal top and park, which gives its name to the city, is one of the best vanishing points for watching Canada's Culturel hometown Montreal with a bird's eye and being alone in nature for several hours.

Inside Montreal, which is established at the intersection of Ottowa and Saint Lawrance rivers, there are so many Lecture Canal is only the one river that you can take a tour on it.World's most expensive also conspicuous stadium The Montreal Olympic Stadium has been made for 1976 Olympic Games and it has so many visitors. The magnificent Notre Dame Basilica should be in your visiting guide. It is so close to old Montreal area. World's biggest underground city is at Montreal which is built for running away from winter's cold weather. It has 32 kilometers long area and there you can find so many shops, malls and also churches.Canadian Railway Museum, globally known and prestigious McGill University and Saint Joseph Temple should also be in your guide.

Montreal is a fascinating city where the people are bilingual and every Starbucks is "Cafe Starbucks.". In downtown Montreal alone, there is a ton of activities happening like: concerts, events, workshops, exhibits, and crafts and record fair. No city in Canada can match Montreal's city is a foodie scene, there are many dishes you absolutely have to try when you come to Montreal, like: Poutine.

Top Tips

''Parlez-vous Français?''

It will not be wrong to say The Little France for Montreal as a city in Quebec state at Canada. Two languages are spoken in the city. All the tables in the street are written both in English and in French.

The Colds...

Winters in Montreal are really cold. Most of the day in winter, snow depth never goes down under 30 cm. And the heat is mostly under zero degrees. If you will be there in the winter, dont forget to give place for heavy jumpers and muflers in your baggage

Life in the Underworld

Because of the hard winters most of the shopping malls and life spaces gives service in the underworld city which was instructed under the city

The Jazz Festival

If you arrange your staying dates in Montreal hits with the festivals of the city, you can spend an unforgettable discovery at the streets bejeweled with musical notes.

Non Stop Road Works in Summer

The damaged roads and sidewalks, because of the though winter, are getiing restructured every summer. It is better for you to give attention to roads when walking at damaged roads and on the crooked sidewalks.


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